Selasa, 01 Februari 2011

Foto Seksi Jupe

Foto Seksi Jupe do you want your relationship to be like Romeo and Juliet or like Bill and Hillary? Here are hints that may make the difference.

Q: We don't decide before hand how we are going to feel when we meet someone new do we? Don't we check with our Emotional Guidance System and recognize how we feel about them? We can be highly drawn to one person but not another but we didn't decide it before hand did we?
A: We do decide before hand by making preferences. Our Emotional Guidance System is created by our giving meaning. The 1st Forgotten Fundamental of An Exquisite Life is, "The Individual is The Meaning Maker". Usually once one makes a preference consciously it goes unconscious and becomes part of the patterns we run. Our patterns determine where we are (how we feel) on the scale of emotions in regards to a certain event, situation or person, place or thing.
(Special note:) We are not used to what I am about to suggest and yet it really is appropriate to do. Anytime that you feel bad if you will begin to celebrate it will help relieve some of the negative charge. Why celebrate? BECAUSE your emotions are working perfectly. They let us know we are thinking thoughts that are not in agreement with our strongest intention (desire).
As an example having the thought that it would be nice that nothing is more important than that I feel good is a great, fun thought and until it becomes your pattern of thinking (your dominant thought) it does not control how you feel. Once it does it will control how you feel.