Minggu, 20 Februari 2011

Foto Hot Artis Indonesia

Foto Hot Artis Indonesia. Maintain Eye Health. The eyes are one of the senses of the human body is very complex & function for vision. Although its function for human life is very important, but often less noticed, so many diseases that attack the eye was not treated properly & causing impaired vision to blindness. To prevent that, we recommend that each time experiencing a disturbance in the eye, consult with a physician customers. It is recommended also for eyes examined every year to the doctor, along with routine hea checks in general. Thus, doctors can treat early and prevent a more severe illness to the disturbances that occurred in the eye that can interfere with the activity to cause blindness. Routine eye examination can be performed more frequently in those who have a family history of eye diseases such as high eye pressure (glaucoma) or cataract at a young age. The most common vision problems experienced are myopic, may be nearsighted, farsighted are usually experienced by those aged over 40 years, or a mixture of both. All types of myopic eyes focused on its core is a disorder seen the shadow object. Nearsightedness can be overcome by using glasses or contact lenses.